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Krasnoyarsk is located in the heart of Russia on the banks of the mighty Yenisei River. It is the largest industrial, scientific, cultural and sports center of Eastern Siberia, the capital of Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia's second subject area. The height above sea level - 10 m. The population is about 1052 thousand people.       Krasnoyarsk is a unique place for domestic and global wrestling. This created an outstanding coaching school, founded by the legendary man - Dmitry Mindiashvili, famous champions has grown there, Olympic champions in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling: Ivan Yariguin, Alexey Shumakov, Buvaisar Saitiev, Adam Saitiev, Sagid Murtazaliev, Nazyr Munkiev, Aslanbek Khushtov.

For many years Krasnoyarsk has been a center of wrestling, annually bringing together the best athletes in the world to the international wrestling tournament named after the great wrestler Ivan Yariguin.

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The Eurasian Wrestling Center was set up by the decision of Bureau of FILA and it operates year-round on the basis of Wrestling Academy named after Dmitry Mindiashvili.

The Academy is a modern combat-paced sports complex area of about 8 thousand sq. M. m.

The complex includes:

  • 5 halls of wrestling;
  • gym;
  • changing rooms with showers and toilets;
  • sports medical center;
  • saunas and recreation center;
  • conference hall;
  • 2 cafes;
  • offices for the coaching staff and administration.

The entire sports complex has free access to the Internet via Wi-Fi technology.

Eurasian Center of training is available to all athletes, coaches and specialists in wrestling from Europe, Asia and other continents.

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The training program offers:

  • Carrying out diagnostics of  the athlete;
  • Specialized training program in view of the level of preparedness of the athlete and the results of its testing;
  • Constant medical supervision;
  • Scientific-methodical monitoring and analysis of the level of training the athlete throughout the training period;
  • The ability to take part in the Russian national competitions, as well as international tournaments held in Krasnoyarsk;
  • Master-classes of famous athletes and coaches for the students;
  • The discussions, consultations, seminars for coaches and referees;
  • An opportunity to study Russian language in special courses;
  • Visiting cultural and tourist places of the city of Krasnoyarsk.

Accommodation in hotels of the city is carried out with taking into account the individual wishes.